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A Date at the Library

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A Date at the Library

The library has many uses. Some are more obvious than others are such as, studying, printing and getting work done. However, the library’s purpose is deeper than that. An emasculate, brown brick building with three floors, the library contains many rooms and various areas used for various reasons. When you walk in, the middle floor looks a little basic. There is an information desk and multiple computers. It looks almost as if it is a computer lab instead of a library. The computers are lined up in groups of fours and are back to back. There are only a few sections of bookshelves in the back left corner. There are tables, chairs, and couches for lounging next to the bookshelves. There are seven private rooms for studying that include tables, white boards, and some even have televisions to connect to your laptop for display. Across from the entrance is the bathroom and vending machines. To the right are a set of stairs leading to upstairs or downstairs. Looking down the stairs to the bottom floor, it looks like a deserted graveyard. You do not really see people go downstairs but it is open to everyone. Once upstairs, there are many rows of books. Behind you is a wall of study rooms with a computer inside. The small rooms are so tiny they feel like you are in a mental asylum. They seat two people and feel like it cuts off all contact to the rest of the world. Around the corner are more lounge chairs. Looking ahead it seems a empty black hole of emptiness. On the way to the back of the library is an area of old news articles and important historical documents. Walking to the back is like following the yellow brick road. It is short journey that feels long. Once to the back, you find the are I am.

The area I am at is like a little box. It is secluded that is not very big. A medium sized, 40 feet by length and 35 feet by width area, that contains a restroom, four study rooms, and three mysteriously locked doors is full of life. However, the area has a dull color scheme that is not very cheerful. It has two cream walls and one oddly placed green pole. It also has two four by four lockers that looks missed placed. Containing four tables and six computers with a light gray carpet, the area is accompanied by 11 people. That is including myself. Out of all 11 people, everyone is doing their own thing, but they all seem friendly. Everyone is speaking to each other while yet still minding their business. There is chatter from all over. We can even hear other people around the library talking, singing, and walking. The library is still rather quiet. However, it is not as quit as one would think. Especially not in this area. The chatter, the typing, and oddly the music roams through the air. Still, there is a calm in the air.

Guy number one is the one playing the music. He has no face. You can only see the back of his burgundy Winthrop hat and shirt. He is in the study room but you can see him dancing through the glass. You can hear his loud music blasting through the closed doors. It is deafening and somewhat odd. Music being played in the library is not odd. The odd part is that he is playing it aloud. Many people listen to music but just not aloud. No one seems to be bothered by the music though and he himself is at ease. There is also a girl napping. She is a Caucasian girl, with brown hair, blueish eyes, old woman glasses, and is maybe 5’2. She is in the corner sleeping on a grayish, old man sweatshirt. She looks peaceful. The library is a weird place to sleep but it fits her. Maybe the library is the where she belongs.



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