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A Guetto Wedding

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A Ghetto Weeding is a story about Nathan and Goldy, a young Jewish couple in pursue

of their dreams and a wedding, which was already planned in near future, in times of

hardship. Nathan a "thick-set fellow of twenty five or twenty Six, with honest, clever,

blue eyes", has been struggling for couple years with his job, and for the last couple

months he hasn't been able to work at all. Peddling for Nathan and many others was a

demoting job, but with a future wedding in works, and a sweetheart who's wedding

demands were more than they could really afford, was the only secure way to make that

most needed money. Goldy was also struggling with her job, making almost just about

what she needed to survive, but that did not stop her dreams for a big wedding or how

she referred to "respectable wedding" were very much still alive. Goldy believe was that

"One does not marry every day", and she will not be expose to a "slipshop wedding", or

in other words small, modest wedding in front of her family and friends. They did have

some money saved, but wasn't enough to cover all the expenses Goldy started to lined up,

And with no improvement in the economy those savings starting going lower and lower,

which made them postponed the wedding a couple of times. It was very frustrated to them

no be able to just become husband and wife, and be happy. Luckily for Nathan and Goldy

things start improving job wise, and Goldy now more than ever make the point to her

Nathan that with a big wedding will come big expensive gifts. Regardless of what Nathan

believe was right, Goldy ended up having the last word. Since only Goldy has a mother

still alive, she make sure to have her to attend their wedding, she even went n obtained a

piece of a beautiful expensive carpet, and sent it to her mother so she would know and

show to all her friends what she was expecting to see in her daughter's wedding. The

invitations were print and sent, and they had paid in advanced the rent for their new

apartment on a second floor in a tenement house. Goldy already visualize in her head the

amount of presents they



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