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A Person Can Become a Hero at Any Time

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Essay Preview: A Person Can Become a Hero at Any Time

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A person can become a hero at any time and any place, even if they have no intentions of becoming one. There are many definitions of a hero and there are many different views on what makes a hero. Captain Chelsey Sullenberger was put into a very difficult situation when he was forced to make an emergency landing with the lives of 155 people at stake. He was able to successfully land the plane and was thanked by the passengers and was given the title of a hero, however he personally did not see what he did was an act of heroism. In Sullenberger's article, Captain Chelsey B. Sullenberger sees heroism as a choice and ultimately rejects the label of a hero after the plane accident but later on slowly accepts the title of a hero as labeled by the passengers of the plane.

Sullenberger describes a hero as someone who chooses to run into a burning building and initially reject the title of hero for himself. Sullenberger would not accept the label of being a hero because he "didn't choose to do what" he did. He sees heroism as being a choice to risk your life for others and that during his situation he didn't have the chance to make the choice and was forced to do what he had to do regardless of whether or not he wanted to or not. His idea of heroism is that during that situation he didn't choose to want to save those people but during a time of desperation and interest in his own personal survival he also saved the lives of the passengers. It is human instinct that we would put our own safety and survival as priority but there is a thin line between self survival and consideration of other's well being.

Although Sullenberger initially rejected the idea of him being a hero, later on he was able to openly accept it. Sullenberger stated that he "felt for a long time that that wasn't an appropriate word." The past tense of the word form feel proves that he had once "felt" that he didn't think it was an appropriate word but he no longer thinks that. He was able to finally accept the title of hero because although to himself he may not be a hero but to the passengers in their views of heroism, they see him as a savior. Sullenberger is able to recognize and accept the passengers' definitions of hero and he is able to see that he "should accept it gratefully".

Just like Sullenberger I was placed into a position where I had no choice but to deal. A team member was not doing the proper work and we had an incoming deadline for that project and the hard work for three other team members rode on the project of that one team member who did not do the project. So due to the urgency of the project I was forced into doing the project instead. I was able to do the project right on time and allowed for the other three team members to prove what they had in the presentation that required the project. The team saw me as a savior but personally I felt that it was something



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