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A Rose for Emily

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This course has been really interesting for me. There were some easy assignments and some hard ones. But three topics that I studied that I enjoyed from this course was Regionalism: Faulkner "A Rose for Emily". I enjoyed it because it kept me on my toes to find out what really happened to Homer; Even though I had figured most of it out. I knew Miss Emily was a little sneaky. Another topic I enjoyed was Citing Sources. I liked this because not only did it teach me that not giving credit to the person that created something is wrong, but it also showed me how to cite sources properly. "To Kill a Mockingbird" was good too. The part that got me was how Jean gave up on fighting the kids at school. They thought she was a coward, but to me she grew up and moved on because her dad was doing what was right.

One topic that I didn't really enjoy to much was 6.03 drafting my research paper. I don't like this because I don't really understand/like doing MLA style. Another topic I didn't enjoy was Upton Sinclair: "the jungle". Because I read pieces of this before and just don't like it.

The pace of this course was a little hard to keep up with because of school and those seven classes, I sometimes forgot about this course. But I've managed to keep up. I was able to complete most of this class before expected; being that I'm not all the way done yet.

Advice for all future students of this course is that it's not impossible. You can do it when your mind is put to it. For me, some of this was a little difficult, but we all have different learning levels. Work at a steady pace, and stay focused and cross that finish line! Good luck!



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