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A Transition of a Lifetime

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Essay Preview: A Transition of a Lifetime

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Anthony Haddad


At school, we, as students, are used to the life that we have been living for the first eighteen years of our existence. Therefore when we move from to the school life to the college life, this change feels extremely difficult as we will be changing everything in our daily life.

        First of all, the responsibilities that we previously shared between us as students and the teacher is now only present on us as students, as the teachers will not be caring as much as they did, and we are then left without anyone on which we could shoulder the blame in case of a failure. This independence that we have now is on another level compared that we had previously at school.

        Secondly, while at school, the environment in which the student is evolving is full of people that have been living close to him, who share usually the same environment and are from the same governance. At university, this concept changes completely as we are then sent into an environment that is full of diverse cultures and different ethnicities, therefore this shock of worlds is extremely felt.

        Thirdly, the fact that we have to choose our own courses, our own path of education in order to achieve our degree is something that is extremely weird; we are really not used to it at first. The hours of the classes and this is also different as we now have the opportunity to wake up late and also stay up late in order to study.

        In conclusion, the life that I had at school was easier; everything was given to me and I just had to go with the flow. On the other hand, the university life is much more challenging and I find these new challenges much more attractive. I therefore prefer the university life.



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