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A Woman’s Beauty: Put-Down or Power Source?

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Essay Preview: A Woman’s Beauty: Put-Down or Power Source?

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A Womans Beauty

        In the essay “A Woman’s Beauty: Put-down or Power Source?” Susan Sontag describes how beauty has been degraded, and how as women were called beautiful, they are degraded as well. She also gives some specific examples which make readers think of the fairness between men and women. Sontag compares how society views men and women in the old days and nowadays.
        “To preen, for a woman, can never be just a pleasure. It is also a duty. It is her work.” And the sentence “It is not, of course, the desire to be beautiful that is wrong but the obligation to be-or to try” are mutually correlated. It is their obligation and even duty to be beautiful. The author creates a satirical tone towards these two sentences for the subject of women being defined by their beauty. She mentions how media and fashion both have taken outer beauty way too far for women. Women in society nowadays are pressured by other women on how they look. Nevertheless, women judge other women about their looks but men do not do the same, because it is considered “unmanly” as Sontag states. And also, “For close to two centuries it has become a convention to attribute beauty to only one of the two sexes: the sex which however fair is always second. Associating beauty with women has put beauty even further on the defensive, morally.”  It implies beauty aspect was only based on one gender and for some reason it had to be the gender that is less valued. The author does a fantastic job sharing with the readers how exactly men are compared to women.



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