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A.I Highway - Driverless

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Essay Preview: A.I Highway - Driverless

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A.I Highway

Driverless cars are horrible,and they should never be allowed!

To the naked eye they seem to be a fancy and awe but looking into the flaws and they are just too dangerous to have!One reason not to trust them is because a consumer group worried about the testing manner because google gave a lack of notification of the accidents.They refused to release the accident reports and also the manual driving.That proves that there have been accidents with these vehicles ;and why would they be scared to release the records.If they are so safe they should release the records!The cars must have been in some really bad accidents!So we should take notice and not notice these machines.

As we all know the world has technology that can be hacked.We also so know computers are technolgy.Now how could we trust something we use everyday that could possibly be hacked!Putting your family friends and even yourself in danger!

“After a report surfaced that hackers were able to remotely disable a Jeep Grand Cherokee this month,Fiat Chrysler Automotive announced that a safety recall on 1.4 million vehicles so the company can update its software to prevent wireless attacks .”This excerpt shows that if regularcars can be hacked what would happen with the driverless cars that solely depend on computers!We should know if they could be hacked too.”The short answer is yes,the computers in driverless cars could be hacked.But,all the cars on the roadways right now can be hacked through wi-fi signals,”.No doubt this very dangerous.Someone could be in there driverless car and a hacker could hack their car send them to a different location and kidnap them.

Now back to driverless car accidents.Even though I know i'm not old enough to drive, I have seen people instead of slowing down at yellow light speed up so they can make it passed the light and continue driving.This expert will give you a better example of how a human drives versus how a computer drives that follows all the rules.”-Generally speaking,if a car is rear-ended,the one at fault is the person at the back since they were unable to stop in time,with the presumption they were following too closely behind.”.”The problem with some crashes,while technically not google's fault, they are in fact (at fault) because in some sense people don’t understand how they take off.That means the driver in the car in behind might step on the gas, assuming that the vehicle in front of them will start up and it doesn’t,or that driverless cars are programmed not to go through yellow lights when most people would.”.So clearly these cars could not keep up with how humans drive,it just would not match causing much much much more accidents because in order for google to have those cars keep up us they would have to tweak the cars to where they broke they drove like humans and humans some times break the law .Another



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