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Abortion - a Horrible Act

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Essay Preview: Abortion - a Horrible Act

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Abortion is a horrible act that violates an unborn child's right to life. So when they tell you that abortion is a matter just between the women and her doctor, they're forgetting someone else. Although, god has given women an incredible blessing that men cannot go through. Women are the ones that have the opportunity to bring life into this world. Of course, they are also able by law to take that life as well, which they shouldn't even consider. Yet, women who have considered or are considering having an abortion are forgetting the most important fact about an unborn child. Some women believe that a baby's life begins once the baby is born and so they think that they are not committing a crime when they have an abortion. But, they're wrong. A baby's life doesn't begin when they are born; a baby's life begins at conception, which means they are committing a crime, the crime of murder. So just because a baby isn't born yet doesn't mean that their mothers have the right to make the decision of deciding if the unborn baby should live or not. As a result, this means that once you are told you are pregnant, that baby has voice in this world and could decide for itself rather than you make the decisions for it. It has an opinion too, and just because it can't say it out loud doesn't mean they are agreeing with the decisions one makes.

What if you decide to take away a child's life by aborting it? How do you know that it doesn't want to be born? I just think women who have abortions are being very selfish. All they do is make decisions for themselves, but don't realize that they are affecting others by their selfish decisions. They only care about what's going to be better for them in this world and I believe that isn't fair. If one doesn't really want to raise their baby just give it up for adoption so that then you won't have the guilt that you killed an innocent and precious creature. I bet that others are yearning to have a child and yours might be that wanted child.

One the other hand, there are many reason why women have abortions. For instance, because they have been raped, are young and unprepared to raise a child on their own, from pressure by partner/ parents, feel they don't have the money and can afford to provide for a baby, mother's health, and/ or by baby's health problems. For example, having an abortion after being raped doesn't necessarily create a solution to the problem; it just ends the life of an innocent child. Nothing you do like ending that child's life will stop you from still continuing on with the pain of being raped. If you feel disgusted because this baby is part of this rape and you know it's going to constantly remind you of what happened to you that's why you feel the need for an abortion you are still doing wrong. You could get



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