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About Being Visible

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being visible to other is important to contie living ! as will as we know the world full of chalinges people ...Scientists are trying for decades to invent a "cap concealment" that disappears person when worn, whether hat magic like in the movies or the clothes of a substance very sophisticated, as in research laboratories Artist Leo Bohlen can hide himself in a way much more simply:

Approached a little and look carefully at the picture you will notice the presence of a person standing in the middle of disguise with the background very skillfully like a ghost!

Named Leo Bohlen, a Chinese artist known as the Invisible Man because of the stunning works of art that used the paint colors for the disappearance in any environment where the stands, and the people barely see him when he is moving!

The coloring process takes between 4 to 10 hours standing in the same position until he disappears completely like a chameleon !!

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