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About Me

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About me.

My name is------; I am currently ------years of age. I was born on November 27th, 1992 at St. Mary's Brooklyn hospital. I have one older sister named ------who is currently 18 years of age; she's my best friend and my life line. My favorite colors are pink, purple and blue but mostly pink. I am in love with tinker bell and love animals especially monkeys. I like monkeys because they are just like humans and because they are always happy and playful. My favorite food is Jamaican food and my least favorite food is vegetables and mostly things that are healthy for you.

My favorite subject in school is history and my least favorite subject in school is math. I don't like math because to me math is very complicated and there's a lot of memorization needed in this subject. I like history because I like to learn about the past world and learn how things came about in the world. My biggest fears are, becoming a failure in life, bugs, death, and pain. I fear being a failure because nobody wants to be a failure in life. I have big goals and dreams and I wish to accomplish all of them. When I grow up I want to be a nurse. I want to graduate high school, then go to college and get a medical degree. I am afraid of bugs because they are nasty and I just don't like them, and I fear death because I don't want to die.

I like to hang out with friends and have a good time. When I am bored I write poetry, listen to music, talk on the phone and just have fun. I am a very fun and cool person and sometimes can be very quite. My sign is a Sagittarius with means iam a very outspoken person and very kind hearted.

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