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About Oscar

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2017 Golden Globe Award for Lifetime Achievement Award "Cecil DeMilleAward" (Cecil B. DeMilleAward) awarded Meryl Streep, who said she deserved.

Yesterday to work, the director to share this article to the department colleagues, looking at the article, I often think of my eldest son, Meng Xiaorui.

The first summary of this article, three words, "promised to do a self-empathy people, promised to do their own to see a weak person, promised himself to do a capable person." I do not know other people see These words think of what, I think, is the New Year's day, he spent a whole afternoon to midnight more than two, finishing writing [a flowering tree * Fan outside] public Meng Rui.

From the point of praise number, forwarding number, I know that I should be New Year's text, to see people out of the. Really, I do not care how much praise or comments, I care about is how many people this part of my eldest son does not concern, or, with my previous birthday should be the same as the text, since that has been known Mengrui and public welfare , In fact, but to know the fur.

Of course, the new year, we play or see my eldest son to the broadcast is the reason, there are some reasons, probably we all feel like Meng Xiaorui has done good ah, commonweal ah know enough. And, frankly, the "public" this topic, far less than brush cp or asked the young master underwear size interesting ─ ─ do not misunderstand, I'm not to tear cpf, I called home little master on white photos shouted Xiao Bai sister-in-law, are I want to tear myself?







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