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About Psy

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In the past three weeks of this first course, I have learned some new

ideas and insight about myself. I gained a better understanding of

what my learning abilities are and my learning style. Even at this

point in my professional career, the concepts brought out in this

course have refreshed my enthusiasm for learning new ideas.

Furthermore, there have been many tools that I can directly apply to

my work environment and personal life. Though I may know my

strengths, this course has provided me the opportunities to improve

upon my weaker skills. This self-assessment will identify and

summarize what I have learned and can apply towards my personal

and professional growth

Teamwork and communication

Taking this course in communication from the University of Phoenix online program has certainly opened my eyes to the need to communicate clearly. Communication is very important not only in the written form but also how we verbally communicate. The reading materials we have read throughout the course has given me an important reminder to always provide a final check of what I have written for clarity. It is easy to forget what we are trying to communicate to the audience, so we must be careful what we write. In addition, the readings provide guidance that is certainly beneficial to me. When I prepare email colleagues, I will first read the email over for clarity and grammar, and not forget to use the spell check. Another important role I play in my company is writing business plans which how I present the information is critical to my executive audience. Developing business plans is a highly visible activity that I participate in and I am judged by how well I write. Furthermore, I reference the article written by Joseph D'O'Brien, "How to say it does make a difference" because there is great importance to be aware of how we verbally communicate and what message we are communicating. Not only in my professional life is communication important but I can apply the same techniques to my personal life. When I speak to my friends or family that I need to be concise and clear with my message. This is a practice I will actively work on in my professional and personal life.



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