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Accounting and Financial

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I'm a student in master of accounting and finacial managemnt in university of arizona, also i have a plan to seat for Certified public accountant exam in state of Arizona board of accountancy. Meanwhile i'm studing hard to get two more licenses to open up an insurance agency and open more opportunity in life and have more income for myself anf my family.


* Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (accounting concentration), University of Washington , 1996

* Master of Professional Accounting (taxation track), University of Washington , 2004

* Certified Public Accountant, State of Washington , original issue - 1996, license to practice public accounting - 2006

Our family moved from ex-Soviet Union (presently Ukraine ) in 1989, when I was 15 years old. We have been living in Seattle area since 1990. I graduated from University of Washington in 1996 with degree in Accounting.

My first work experience came in the field of database management and accounting information systems. Over the period of 7 years I worked for Microsoft Corporation, Go2Net.com and Infospace, Inc. Eventually I came to conclusion that corporate America is not my calling, but rather working for myself and having a direct effect on people's lives.

I decided that working as a CPA in public accounting would meet my career and life goals. With that in mind, I went back to University of Washington in 2003 and earned my Master of Professional Accounting degree (taxation track) in 2004. Soon after, I was working as a tax accountant at Sterling, Kuder & Co., P.S. in Mercer Island , WA . After 2 ½ years there I was able to acquire a small CPA firm at the present location (lower Queen Anne, Seattle) and it has been a true pleasure helping my clients since.



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