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Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence

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Essay Preview: Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence

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January, 13,2013

BSHS 462

Week 5

Jeffery Cordner

Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence

Individual excellence is something that happens overtime it is not something that is achieved in a short amount of time. Within this paper different forms of individual excellence will be present and the different skills that it takes to develop excellence. Managing the environment, planning and program design, organizational design, human resource development, supervision, financial management, information systems, program evaluation, and leadership and organizational change. Also discussion will be included pertaining to Peter Senge's Five Disciplines.

Managing the Environment

The environment affects people in all sorts of ways. Managing an environment takes work and determination to fully be successful. It can be difficult to show these skills in a environment because it takes time. The restraining forces of managing the environment are considered indirectly interactive forces. Indirectly interactive forces; include sociocultural, political and legal, technological, economic, and global influences (Wittens & Nagtegaal, 2001, p. 241). Different forces will have limitations over a population, which can limit the amount of money, jobs, and illness present.

Planning and Program Design

Planning and Program Design is not something that I have much experience in. Not until my present job has this been something that I have started to somewhat come similar with. In my current position there are planning coordinators and it is relevant the amount of work and time they put in to make sure that all clients growth and goals are taken care of.

Human Resource Development

Human resource development is something that is done by the individual and not by a company. It is performance improvement achieved on a personal level. Currently I am further my educational goal, only having a high school diploma does not put me at the highest level. A high school diploma almost does not have any stature for development. I would like to one day have my masters in Social Work.


Supervision in my opinion is something that should be planned ahead based on the individual's skills that you are working with. Some individuals are fine being micro managed and work best this way and others work better being left alone. Supervision is best done by analyzing beforehand what is best for the situation to be fixed.

Financial Management

Financial management is something that I see on a daily bases with the clients I work with. Constantly money is the topic of conversation within the organization, as any nonprofit more money is always needed. Having financial management is important, as it is what can hold an organization together and strengthen the different services that they can offer to their population. I do not exactly have financial management skills but I do understand the aspect of how management in this area works.

Information Systems

Information systems are something that I use to use in my old volunteer job we would enter in a bunch of data about or clients that we were serving so that we always had the information on hand. It was a great way to keep track of how we were serving and how often we were serving them. It was difficult when I moved to my new organization and this is not something that is fully being used yet and everything is documented with paper it can make things more difficult.

Program Evaluation

Evaluations are something that I constantly do within an organization. I am the person giving feedback on ways that the organization can run better. I am not giving feedback so that everything can be run my way but so that there is always an understanding or an organization needing more improvement. It is something that organizations should constantly be doing to make their situations better for all parties involved. Evaluations are something that I do not feel that I need improvement on.

Leadership and Organizational Change

In leadership and organizational change my strengths are my dedication and my weakness if my ability to make everyone feel as if they are apart of all of my decisions. I love organizing



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