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Adventures of My Friend

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Adventures of my Friend

My friend was shaking cold from the wet rain and the cold air combining. He lays here wondering if he will ever be found or will the dirt overpower his soggy body. Before I go any farther we should get to know my friend a little bit. He is from a small area in Ohio where things are quiet, never excitement; all is lifeless in the area. One day while out playing he got blown away and sucked under a dark scary staircase.

However, all that changed for my friend when a little boy named Austin had found him hidden under the staircase. The first thing the little boy did was buy candy with my friend and off he went into the cash register. This next man Tim had come to the counter and bought a box of cigarettes and part of his change from a ten dollar bill was my friend. Tim had one day gone to the mall and had seen a stand for "Proactive" he had made a purchase and sent my friend to the company with the man who was selling located in Erie, Pa.

In this factory is where my granddad worked so part of the money she made wasmy friend. She often gave us money but unfortunately she gave my friend to my brother Sam. Sam doesn't really keep up with his things so I wasn't surprised when he said he had lost all his money on his way home from school. The money was found on a local bus by Trenton but who knew this dollar would be used for something it was in store for. The man who had found him, he was throwing a party for his brother. Along with the drinking and smoking came dancers. As three dancers gave dances to the men and they were throwing fives, twenty's, and ones my friend was soon tucked in the waist of the side on one girl's bottoms.

Once again my friend was in the hands of another girl her name was Stephanie. Stephanie was quiet and shy she stayed to her self most of the time, she had hard life not going to college so to pay her rent she turned to dancing. She wasn't comfortable with the idea of letting her body be seen by many but she had to do what she had to do. With all these problems at hand she was in love with a person who abused her mentally as well as physically his name was Jerome. She lived at the top of my street on 5th Avenue. One day while walking home from food shopping her and her bulky boyfriend had gotten into a huge argument, it was so terrible. The argument soon got physical. Soon to come He hit her and to the ground she fell, her purse swung open and my friend and the receipt fell into the sewer but not fully under. A neighbor near by had seen what was going on so the neighbor didn't know what to say so he called the police. As I walk home from a friend's house I seen the police, they was everywhere and Stephanie's purse was still on the ground. I kept walking to avoid all problems and questions. Until....

Finally, when the police left I walked up to see if she was okay unfortunately



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