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Advertisement Review - "pure Silk" Shaving Cream

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Essay Preview: Advertisement Review - "pure Silk" Shaving Cream

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Photographs are primarily intended for configuring the way we feel and think about an ad. Take for instance this fist advertisement for "Pure Silk" shaving cream in a magazine. At fist glance, you can immediately tell what is being advertised. It is a picture of three perfectly placed different colored metal cans of 9.5 ounce shaving cream to the left of the scenery. The shaving cream come in a pressurized aerosol can of red, green, and orange. It have a plastic cap that can be taken off and replaced back on, and the based is made up of rust proof metal. One all three of the cans are a picture of a green aloe plant. In large print on the label are the words "Pure Silk", which stands out the most over all the other words. Every other words fail to compare to it in size. There is a picture of white foaming shaving cream that is swiveled around just like soft ice cream. For each of the colored cans of shaving cream, it have its own picture of a fruit. On the green can is a watermelon, honey dew, and cantaloupe, on the red can is two raspberry, and on the orange can is a whole peach and a piece of peach that is cut off from another one. To the right side of the scenery is a picture of a Caucasian woman with long brunette silky hair, laying on her back. Her face can not be visible seen from this point of view. She is only partially covered by a red silky sheet that is draped over her to conceal her breast and lower torso. Her arms, thighs, and feet are bared. Her arms are grasping on to her thighs, and her feet are crossed left over right, and are raised up in the air.

In the second advertisement, it is for a similar but much different kind of shaving cream called "Nair." It is a hair removing gel that comes in a small plastic tube that let the content flow out from the bottom rather than from at the top. The majority of the plastic tube is blue in color. The words "Nair" and "Cool Gel" is what stands out the most on the label, which also depicts a picture of water that looks like it is swiveled around. In the background of the scenery is a woman's half cut body . She is wearing a white shirt and short black pant which is mostly covered by the shirt. Her legs are bare, except for some blue shoes on her feet, which is right next to the blue plastic tube, They are crossed right over left. Her face is not visible. Everything else in the background is blurred.

The first on shaving cream, "Pure Silk", is very meticulous with its use of colors. The bright and vibrant green, red, and orange colored can stands out and would not go unnoticed. On the label of each of the three cans is a picture of an aloe plant, which may signify that this product is made up of an all natural ingredient, which can help to moisturize the skin and aid in the prevention of cuts. The words "Pure Silk" is emphasized in big print, which is probably a way



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