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Aesthetics Learning Object

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Aesthetics Learning Object

Different anesthetics forms can be used to compare and contrast two or more different artworks. It seems that their use in describing objects is vital when it comes to art. In this paper, I have chosen two pairs of images. The first pair of images is Stuart Davis, Swing Landscape of 1932 and John Michel Basquait, untitled of 1985-86. The second pair of images is Shirin Neshatb, Allegiance with wakefulness of 1994 and Jasper Johns, Three flags of 1958. This paper will make use of aesthetic perspectives to compare and contrast these different artworks. Also, keen attention will be given to imagery, date, format and media of the artworks.

The first pair of paintings is Stuart Davis Swing Landscape and John Michel Basquait drawings. The drawing in John Michael's image seems to be much more defined in comparison with that of the Swing Landscape image. In other words, it is easy to point out the finer details of the former image. For instance, it is easy to point out the van in John's drawings. On the contrary, you can't point out the finer details of Swing Landscape drawing. This drawing seems to depict a waterfront in rhythmic patterning, floating conceptual shapes and vivid hues (Stecker 73). This picture is indeed a fusion of form and color, flatness and space, and abstraction and realism. The painter of this image shows his passion for seafaring details of the waterfront through juxtaposition of girders, sails, and masts, which revolve with a pace equivalent to jazz music syncopated beat (Stecker 73). The colors of this mage give a jazz feeling especially the cool colors. On the other hand, warm colors depict the volatility of jazz. Besides, this painting has used so many geometric shapes. Again, these shapes depict the volatility and vibrancy of jazz music. On the contrary, each color in John's painting stands by its own, each depicting a different meaning.

The second pair of paintings is Shirin Neshatb, Allegience with Wakefulness and Jasper Johns, Three Flags. Shirin's photograph is purely black and white. On the contrary, Jasper John's photograph is colored with blue, white and red colors. The three flags painting show three canvases placed over one another. The three flags seem to project toward the viewer. On the other hand, Shirin's painting shows a woman's feet, which are pointed upright while the soles faces the viewer. Shirin's painting depicts a sense of vulnerability, softness, and intimacy in the picture. This is expressed through exposure of bare soles and also the unclear background and the rounded toe shape. On the contrary, the three flags depict a sense of patriotism in the pictures. The characteristics in Shirin's picture seem to charm the viewer who is faced by a gun. We can say that Shirin's picture is not common to the viewer. On the contrary, Jasper uses the American flag, which



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