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Aging Philosopher

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Essay Preview: Aging Philosopher

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Faust Bargain

Aging philosopher, Dr. Faust, sits at his desk worrying about his life, feeling it was useless. As he prepares to drink poison, Faust calls on Devil. Mephistopheles courteously emerges and offers Faust anything he desires in exchange for his spirit. Faust desires youth and its pleasures.

Mephistopheles shows him an image of a beautiful young woman named Marguerite. Faust signs away his soul with Devil and he is transformed into a handsome young man.

Mephistopheles and Faust journey to Marguerite's home. Meanwhile Marguerite's brother is preparing to go off to war and is brooded about leaving his sister alone. Once he departs, Mephistopheles creates a chest full of jewels to help Faust attract Marguerite. She discovers the jewels and is astonished and excited. Faust and Marguerite enter in the garden and Mephistopheles calls on the influences of nature to cast a spell over them. Marguerite finally surrenders to Faust's advances as the Devil laughs.

Marguerite, alone and with child, has been deserted by Faust. She is ridiculed by the townspeople and frightened of her future. Her brother Valentine returns from war and is disturb over Marguerite's condition. Faust emerges with Mephistopheles and Valentine is provoked into a duel. Faust fatally wounds Valentine, who condemns and curses his sister as he dies.

Marguerite loses her sanity. In her insanity she murders her newborn child and is imprisoned, awaiting execution. Faust and Mephistopheles emerge in her jail cell. She recognizes Faust and is joyful, but when she observes Mephistopheles she withdraws, unconsciously sensing his evil. Marguerite asks for salvation and falls dead. Devil attempts to claim her, but angels emerge and take her spirit to Heaven. Faust falls to his knees and Mephistopheles turns away. Faust continues his connection with Mephistopheles and, among other adventures, has a love affair with Helen of Troy and fathers a son with her. Later, still with the assist of Mephistopheles, Faust regains lands from the sea which he intends to turn into a paradise on earth -- his inheritance to human race. Pleased with his efforts and an image of the future, Faust is caught in a moment of satisfaction which Mephistopheles declares as his victory. At the last instant, however, God's angels save Faust and take his soul to heaven where he is reunited with Marguerite and appointed as teacher of the blessed.

Faust is frustrated and dissatisfied with his life-long pursuit of knowledge, determined to search for entirety, accepting of all knowledge and all luxurious experience.

Mephistopheles as nihilistic, a belief that life is pointless and human values are worthless, spirit of despair -- an characteristic of Faust's own unhappiness and impatience with the limitations of his scholarly pursuits.

Satan enhanced Faust's knowledge of magic and



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