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Aimil Ltd - Supply Chain & Management

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Essay Preview: Aimil Ltd - Supply Chain & Management

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SCM Case Study: AIMIL LTD.


Aimil has been at the forefront of instrumentation industry in India, providing the state-of-the-art Instruments & related services, since 1932. Aimil offers State-of-the-art instruments in the field of Civil Engineering, Electronics, Analytical & Industrial, Hygea Healthcare and Consultancy in the field of Civil Engineering, Noise & Vibration Engineering Services & Condition Monitoring Reliability Services. It is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company with all India network of nine offices staffed and managed by over 600 professionals.

Business Mission

To provide optimal Quality and Customer Service by innovation and integration of leading edge global technologies.

Product Profile

Civil Engineering

State of the art instruments for all Civil Engineering applications. They offer instruments in the field of Material Testing, Non Destructive Testing, Structural Monitoring, Geophysical, Surveying, Traffic & Transportation, Mapping and also Civil Engineering software.

Analytical and Industrial

State of the art instruments for all Analytical and Industrial applications. They offer instruments in the field of Industrial Material Testing, Particle Characterisation, Laboratory Quality Control, Particle Counting, Analytical Research, Environment Monitoring & Condition Monitoring etc.


State of the art instruments for all Electronics applications. They offer instruments in the field of Telecommunication Test & Measurement, RF& Microwave, Fiber Optics, Special Products like Lasers, Optics, Cameras, Vision Systems, Data Acquisition solutions and Noise, Vibration & Harshness.

Hygea Healthcare

Hygea Healthcare group is focused on introducing new Healthcare technologies, creating information and technology solutions for the Indian Healthcare industry. It includes equipment from Impeto Medical France and Diagnostic kits from Hybriobio Ltd.

Business Challenges

In its endeavour to ensure optimum input materials selection at vendors' end across its complex, multi-site manufacturing operations, AIMIL Ltd. required an integrated solution that would address variable demand and determine which products should be produced at which manufacturing plants and imported from which principals, because they have international product principals spread worldwide of whom products they have to distribute under their banner.

Opted Business Solutions

The company follows the rules and regulation setup by ISO 9001:2008 to achieve their goals and remains in constant touch with its vendors to ensure timely delivery. They have different teams for different product profile for effective follow up of supplies by different vendors (Imported & Indigenous). They also organize training through teleconferences, as required, for customers and distribution channels.

Business Benefits derived

* Reduced finished goods inventory from 60 days to 20-35 days

* Achieved 70-85 percent service levels for SKU sales at the location level

* Dramatically improved debt-to-asset ratio

They offer their expertise to companies across the world, also have begun to increasingly focus on the export market for own-brand instruments and are already exporting to clients across the world. While full range of instruments sold in India conforms to IS specifications, the entire range has also been re-designed whenever necessary to comply with BS/EN and ASTM standards. Best in class imported civil equipment and solutions and manufacture Civil Engineering Test Equipment.

In order to keep it's lead position in the challenging Indian marketplace, AIMIL found a clear advantage in establishing a leaner, more agile and cost-efficient supply chain. AIMIL sells through many local sub-distributer & retailers, who resell its products to different Laboratories users, constructions site and government sector. They have trained Mechanical Engineers and Electronics Engineer team for equipment designing and production



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