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Ais Thailand - Strategic Management

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Essay Preview: Ais Thailand - Strategic Management

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AIS - Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited:

1. SWOT - Analysis

2. (BCG - Matrix)

3. SPACE - Matrix

4. IE - Matrix

5. GS - Matrix

6. QSPM - Matrix

7. AIS's - Final Word



-Alternative Strategies are formulated through a mix of several key factors because the market represents only two serious competitors (DTAC and TrueMove). Therefore, resulting alternative strategy objectives are formulated broad; on one hand in order to maintain AIS's leading position, on the other, because of "given" internal- and external success factors from the previous EFE & IFE.


1. Development and affordability of smart mobile phones.

2. VAS-Provider market growth.

3. Economic recovery.

4. Barriers of entry

5. New Customer Markets

6. Growing experience on mobile internet.

7. Issuance of 3G License (3G Techn.).

8. Diversification, thru Acquisitions.

9. Data service growth (wireless broadband) - "Online" society to promote data revenue growth.

10. Substitution of fix-line internet in suburban residential areas.

11. Increased postpaid subscriptions.


1. Mobile number portability regulation.

2. Political uncertainty and instability...

3. Unresolved regulatory power - (NTC vs. NBTC)...

4. 3G Licensing delay

5. High bargaining power because of lower switching cost.

6. Long-lasting delays - TOT with sole rights over the 1900 MHz frequency...

7. Change in consumers' behavior - Service providers also offer wider choices of products and services.

8. 3G license & prior spectrum re-auction: The economics of conversion value incl. the current unknown "upfront fee" - and handling of prior BTOs...

9. Voice revenues stagnate.

10. Aggressive price plans of competition to capture mobile voice and emerging mobile broadband market share.


1. Experience on running a dual-frequency network...

2. Customer Relationship and Customer Experience Management.

3. Award: Forbes magazine ranked AIS 6th of the leading public companies in Thailand.

4. Award: top Thai company in area of best managed company, best investor relations, and most committed to a strong dividend policy; by FinanceAsia magazine.

5. Award: outstanding Company 2009; by Finance and Banking magazine.

6. Corporate Social Responsibilities.

7. Award: most innovative Thai company among Asia's top 200 companies; by Wall Street Journal Asia.

8. Commitment to generate wealth to shareholders.

9. Award: Best Thai Company (and 3rd among the top mobile operators globally) for its most convincing and coherent strategy, and for its good corporate governance.

10. Brand Reputation and Recognition.

11. AIS introduced the latest technology "Connect Talk" for the first time in Thailand...

12. Market leader into 3G era - Financial strength, experience on running dual-band (900 & 1800 MHz), Multi-vendor approach, Larger customer base...

13. Quality network coverage throughout Thailand

SO Strategies (S to take advantage of O):

* S2, S10, S13, O5 -

AIS may formulate an unspecified broad alternative "SO"-strategy; followed by more specific strategies, aiming for the promising growths potential of certain new customer markets. Combining and utilizing three of the company's core strengths (S2, S10 and S13), AIS can take advantage of several new customer markets (O5).




* S1, S12, S13, O1, O5, 06, O7, O9 -

Gained experience on running a dual-frequency network (S1), together with AIS's existing quality network coverage throughout Thailand (S13), and together with the other strengths listed under S12-"Market leader into 3G era" (aside from S2, S10), provide the necessary tools to successfully take full advantage of the ever increasing affordability of smart mobile phones (O1), which simultaneously improve society's experience on mobile internet (O6). The opportunity of issuing the 3G license (O7- 3G Technology) defines therefore a corner stone, promising new customer markets (O5), and new, rapid growing revenue streams (O9 - data revenue growth).



* S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S9, O4 -


S3, S5, S7, O2, O3, O6, O8 -

Awards mentioned, (indirectly) lower the attractiveness for new investment in the Thai telecommunication market and therefore increase barriers of entry (O4). Innovativeness, financial strengths and top management provide necessary tools, offering expanding strategies; for example by taking advantage of the following opportunities: O2, O3, O6, O8;



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