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Alien Existence

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Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered who or what else we may be sharing our universe with? If you have you are not alone. There are approximately 3,700 UFO and alien sightings each year. Aliens have had reported sightings dating all the way back to the 1640's. I believe that with all the evidence, there is no way that aliens do not exist. In my opinion, aliens must exist because of the discovery of earthlike planets, proof of alien existence in ancient history, and the millions of sightings that many people have reported.

The first, and perhaps the most intriguing, piece of evidence is the discoveries of earthlike planets in recent years. In the last couple years there have been many reports that planets from other galaxies have many of the same properties as planet Earth does. These planets may have supported life or are maybe even still supporting life to this day. Just recently, NASA was able to find extremely earth like "exoplanets." These exoplanets were discovered by the extremely modern and powerful Kepler telescope. These two planets are most similar to earth due to their distance from a sun-like star. Astronomers say this is the closest planet ever discovered to share so many of the same characteristics as earth. Scientists will not go as far as to say that alien life is definite on these two planets, but they do say that there is a "high possibility" of alien life on at least one of these two planets.

The second piece of evidence concerning aliens and their existence is their prominence in ancient history. There have been countless examples of paintings and ancient architecture showing the existence of aliens all the way back to the BC years. The painting known as "The Madonna with Saint Giovanno" dates all the way back to the 9th century. This piece of art depicts what seems to be a man pointing at a floating spaceship, back when human flight was impossible. There were also more examples of aliens in ancient times other than works of art. Many believe that pyramids or "Stonehenge" must have also been the work of extraterrestrials. It would have been impossible for civilizations back then to manually carry such rocks and large boulders.

The final piece of evidence is all of the reported sightings reported worldwide each year. Humans have been claiming to seeing different unidentifiable flying objects back to the 1930's. Millions of people have reported viewing an extraterrestrial being or a UFO. Approximately 17% of people have claimed to have seen a UFO or an alien. While I was doing research on alien encounters, I came across one in particular that was quite shuddersome. A man was abducted in the dead of night by three alien beings that led him on to a spherical craft. These aliens were extremely short. When they got on the craft, the aliens told him they were going to the other side of the moon. Once they arrived at their destination, the



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