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American Graffiti

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Essay Preview: American Graffiti

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Film Society: American Graffiti

1. Detail how the attitudes of Curt, Steve, Laurie, John & Terry change as the film progresses.

Beginning End

Curt: uncertain of his decisions, not sure of what his future consisted of.

Looking for love and ways to live his life. Curt: he live the last night in town doing rebellious acts with the gang Pharos. Notices this isn't the life he intends to have in that town. He ends up going to college in the east.

Steve: Fun and freedom is his motive. Encouraging Curt to go to college with him. In a long-term relationship with Laurie. He ends his relationship with Laurie to have meaningless hookups with girls at college. Steve: Refuses to have a one night stand with the waitress from the diner after him and Laurie "break-up". He says himself why leave his home to find another one. Proves he isn't afraid anymore of showing commitment with Laurie and stays in town with their committed relationship and goes to school in town.

Laurie: Head cheerleader, dating Steve, one of the most wanted cool boys in town. She refuses to show her weakness and agrees with her break up with Steve. Nonetheless this is not what she wants. She actually considers going with Steve to college to avoid the separation Laurie: break-up with Steve and goes for a drive with the first guy she sees on the roads in her most vulnerable states. Laurie then begs for Steve to stay in town after her car accident with the strange man. Laurie breaks down her barrier and releases her desperation for Steve to stay.

John: known as the fastest driver in town. Reckless with his one of a kind car that no one else in town can even compare to. John is stuck in a phase where he refuses to grow up and his life revolves around having fun. "Forever young". John makes fun of Curt for wanting to go to college and get an education; he calls him foolish for going. John: helps Terry in his fight against thugs and saves him from a terrible beating. Brings the young girl home after baby-sitting her all night. Refuses to race the strange man in the public roads and calls him stupid. John after the accident admits there I someone better than him, he claims f the accident would not had happened he would had lost the race. John is admitting to wrongs and doing the right thing to help others.

Terry: Looking to be "cool". Wants to have a better reputation with girls and crawl up the status quo and not be a nerd. Terry lies to the blonde girl about him owning cars and his hobbies to impress her. Terry gets intoxicated under the influence of alcohol for he first time in his life. Terry: gets the car stolen and admits that he has no cars. The girl nonetheless still wants to hang out with him because he is different from the rest of the guys she's been with in her past. Terry with this is more confident with himself and sides with John to endure automobile stewardship together.

2. The film portrays what might be considered "timeless" problems faced by teenagers as they finish high school. Identify any three of them.

Timeless problems mean complications or situations that teenagers from then and today would face. These situations would include what to do with their future when you are done high school such as what college or university to go to. Another timeless situation is evident through Terry in the sense where he wants to be cool after being a "nerd" throughout high school. Once Terry goes through the troubles of trying to be cool and impressing girls, he realizes his nerdi-ness is whom he is. He admits to his true colours and he still ends up with the girl he wants to be with. A third example of timeless problems is the pressure



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