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American Revolution Vs Russian

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Cyclops, the sons of Uranus and Gaea, originated from Greek mythology as an immense one-eyed being that has a fearless personality and feared by mortals and immortals for their strength, size, and ruthlessness. They reason they became monstrous was in part due to their imprisonment in Tartarus by their father and again by their brother Kronos therefore stimulating them to become "monstrous and evil. Cyclops is popularly known by jasper students because we enjoyed knowing about one of his species in the "odyssey" by homer where he was described by his low level of intelligence but also by his remorseless characteristics. Throughout the odyssey Prometheus, a Cyclopes, demonstrates his savage characteristics, for example his actions throughout the chapter/book show why he is a monster for example his cannibalism, violence, scary or ominous appearance, and low hospitality skills. Prometheus has several skills for example he is blessed with sea abilities from his father Poseidon and uses them to his advantage devastating people he does not like, he also has an prodigious size advantage, and the classic a deformed shape that accompanies most monsters, finally Cyclopes are brutal creatures and don't show any compassion for others. The Cyclops species on the contrary were not meant to be created as a ruthless monster but their rejection in the god world due to their appearance inaugurated these unnatural characteristics into them, in other words, we created the monster by neglecting the virtue within.

Cyclops fits the role of a literary monster because he is a forced upon monster due to his appearance. Although he has an odd appearance and one eyed he carries "human like" personalities. Due to his rejection from his parents and outside society he has turned evil and eventually restored to it.

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