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Analysis of Ethical Issues in Social Media

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Essay Preview: Analysis of Ethical Issues in Social Media

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Analysis of Ethical Issues in Social Media

Communication is a key component of society and is needed for effective communications for survival. Communication can be described as the process of sharing thoughts between people and it takes various forms. "Effective communication extends the concept to require that transmitted content is received and understood by someone in the way it was intended" (Brown, 2009). All communications can be examined using the basic communication model (University of Phoenix, 2010). In this paper, we will explore social media and how it can be used to enhance the communication process. Additionally, we will discuss the best tools to use for enhancing the communication process in a virtual environment. This paper will also illustrate ethical issues that have surfaced concerning social media and highlight how to protect information and privacy. Finally, we will discuss the development of a new e-business unit posing as consultants for an e-commerce company.

Using Social Media to Distribute Messages to Consumers and Clients

In today's technologically advanced society there are a number of social media tools available to distribute messages to company consumers and clients. We recommend the creation of a Twitter page, a Facebook page and the creation of a LinkedIn Group to communicate with the company's consumers and clients. Social media is growing quickly and enables companies to quickly and effectively communicate with stakeholders, shareholders, customers, and clients (Matthews, 2009). Through the use of Twitter, Face Book, and LinkedIn, the company can communicate its financial standing, special marketing campaigns, sale announcements, and special programs to its intended audience. These new tools offer the company a means to enhance its public relations and drive increased customer satisfaction (Matthews, 2009).

We recommend the launch of a new You Tube ad that will advertise the company reputation and identify special sales events. These advertisements should also use humor and highlight the reasons why consumers should use this e-commerce company as compared to others. In addition, we recommend that executive management of the company begin to produce a daily blog and create tweets using Twitter so loyal consumers and clients can follow company progress and sales events. We also recommend the creation of a corporate Face Book page that will highlight company resources, ethics, inventory, sales, and special events. This will increase exposure to the intended audience and will serve to increase communications and public relations. These new tools will allow the company to reach its audience in their comfort zone and allow the company to form a bond with its clients and customers.

These tools will also ensure the



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