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Analysis of Work Place Servillance

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Essay Preview: Analysis of Work Place Servillance

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A selection of articles and research papers related to values education appears below in alphabetical order. Those marked NEW are the most recently added resources.

These publications have appeared in print media or on the Internet and encompass concerns about social change, programs that support values education and research and data related to values education.

Benninga, Jacques S., Berkowitz, Marvin W., Kuehn, Phyllis, and Smith, Karen February 2006, 'Character and Academics: What Good Schools Do', (website), Phi Delta Kappa International, (Vol. 87, No. 6).

There has been increasing interest in character education among policy makers and education professionals in the United States but at the same time there has been an increasing expectation of academic achievement. Many schools are wary of taking on anything that might detract from their focus on the latter. The authors present evidence indicating that the two goals are not incompatible.

Bernard, Michael E., Stephanou, Andrew, Urbach, Daniel October 2007, 'ASG Student Social and Emotional Health Report: A Research Project conducted by the Australian Council for Educational Research' (website), Australian Scholarships Group.

The ASG Student Social and Emotional Health Report is an extensive research project on the social and emotional health of Australian students. It is based on a survey of more than 10,000 students from 81 schools across Australia spanning Prep through to Year 12. The report, commissioned and funded by the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG), reveals that a large percentage of students are experiencing social and emotional difficulties. Nine recommendations that address policies, programs and practices for improving the social and emotional health of all students are outlined in the report.

Bezzina, Associate Professor Michael, Butcher, Professor Jude 2008, 'Promoting Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding in School Settings: Review of the Pilot Project' (PDF), produced for the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) by the Flagship for Creative and Authentic Leadership and the Institute for Advancing Community Engagement of the Australian Catholic University.

This mid-term review of the pilot program: Promoting Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding in School Settings (IIU) was carried out in the second year of the pilot which was conducted by Erebus International for DEEWR. The review concludes that the pilot has been successful in its own right, and in terms of the learning it has generated for the future. It documents significant shifts in people's understandings and attitudes in the area of IIU and in the capacities of their schools. Recommendations are presented for the continued implementation of IIU.

Brass, Charles 15 June 2004, 'What HR can learn from primary school', (website), Human Resources, Reed Business Information.

Charles Brass went to his daughter's parent-teacher interview and wrote this article for Human Resources online magazine.

Brown, Raymond, Woods, Annette, Hirst, Elizabeth & Heck, Debbie 2006, The Public Construction of Values in Education: A Synthesis of Case Studies, (website), AARE Conference Paper Abstracts - 2006.

This paper explores the approaches to values education taken by a selection of schools in the south-east region of Queensland as interpreted from texts on school websites. Publicly available documents such as behaviour management policies and the school prospectus are analysed to determine how schools present values education to the public and what approaches to values education are being advocated.

'Bullying research supports national push for safer schools' 19 August 2002, (PDF) Media Release, Curtin University of Technology.

The WA Centre for Health Promotion Research (WACHPR) at Curtin University of Technology has recently completed a long-term study of its bullying intervention program - known as Friendly Schools - which has achieved a significant reduction in bullying amongst primary school children. Developed by Curtin's Associate Professor Donna Cross and several colleagues, the Friendly Schools program includes classroom, family and whole school activities intended to empower children, parents and teachers in reducing bullying.

Cahill, Sue, Butler, Geraldine, and Duncan, Leesa February 2006, 'Manningham Catholic Primary Schools Cluster, Vic: Student Action about Values', (PDF), Connect, No. 157.

Sue Cahill, student wellbeing coordinator at St Charles Borromeo Primary School and cluster coordinator, reports on how the grade 4 and 5 students in the cluster are investigating and taking action around values using a Student Action Team approach. Geraldine Butler and Leesa Duncan, two of the teachers in the cluster, reflect on how the project has had a positive impact on the teachers as well as the students.

Canning, Simon 19 May 2004, 'The great southern brand' (PDF), The Australian.

This article further explores the reasons for the Australian Tourist Commission's move away from 'throwing a shrimp on the barbie' style of tourist promotion to focusing on seeing Australia's unique qualities 'in a different light'.

Covell, Katherine and Howe, R. Brian September 2008, Rights, Respect and Responsibility: Final Report on the County of Hampshire Rights Education Initiative, (website), Children's Rights Centre, Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

This report summarises the evaluation research conducted over three years by Canadian academics Brian Howe and Katherine Covell on the Hampshire Education Authority's Rights, Respect and



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