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Analysis of "cabdbury's Gorilla" Ad Based on 24 Preferences Parameters

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Essay Preview: Analysis of "cabdbury's Gorilla" Ad Based on 24 Preferences Parameters

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Analysis of "Cabdbury's Gorilla" Ad based on 24 Preferences Parameters

1. Perceptual Preference

Seeing, Hearing and Sensing

The ad has a backdrop of Purple colour with golden line. This matches with the packaging colouring scheme of the Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) Chocolates. Also there are a lot of musical instruments in the ad. It shows a studio. So whenever a visual sees a set of drums or other musical instruments, it would remind him of this ad, and would intern reflect the joy that CDM could provide.

The music used in the ad is to attract the auditory people. It is very slow, rhythmic and measured to grab their attention. The sound of drums is used to create the recall of the ad for them.

The ad seemed to target majoring of the people belonging to this emotional preference as the idea of using the product metaphor that "Chocolate is about joy and pleasure". It starts with a soothing sound followed by close up on the gorilla. It shows that the gorilla is breathing as if in a stance. It is feeling something calming and fulfilling. Also the lyrics of the song (I can feel in the air tonight, oh lord.) reflects feelings. Thus anytime a feeling of joy is there in an individual it would create a recall for the product.

2. Primary Interest

People, Places, Activities, Knowledge and Things

This ad reflects that when a gorilla can have an experience of delight then anyone who wishes to experience ecstasy can consume CDM. Thus this ad doesn't focus much on "people" preference of an individual.

As chocolate is an impulse purchase and location doesn't play a role in the buying decision, place preference is not catered.

The gorilla is shown to be banging the drums with a lot of energy. This is done to target the activity oriented people. They are generally high on energy and look for things that are enjoyable. The ad shows the CDM product only at the end thereby creating an interest level which targets people looking for an intellectual activity.

As chocolate is an impulse purchase, not much of involvement is required from the customer. So knowledge plays an insignificant role in purchase. Hence knowledge preference is not addressed in the ad.

The gorilla in the ad seems to have a deep association with drums. This addresses to the people with things filter. It shows to them the CDM can provide them the same kind of fulfilment that they get from the things they like.

3. Motivation Preference

Towards and Away from

The ad clearly shows the amount of pleasure gorilla gets from CDM. Thus it directly addresses to the people belonging to towards preference as they have a tendency to seek pleasure in whatever they buy.

The people belonging to the away preference are quite procedural. However the ad doesn't show any reference to procedural or pattern based purchase. Thus this preference is not addressed.

4. Referential Preference

Internal and External

The chocolate consumption is more about self satisfaction. Hence



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