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Analysis on the Metropolitan Hotel Financial Health

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Essay Preview: Analysis on the Metropolitan Hotel Financial Health

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Overview of The Metropolitan Hotel

The Metropolitan Hotel is smoke-free hotel located in Vancouver, Canada. The hotel is also pets allowed. Here are the facilities within the hotel property:

  • 150 guestrooms
  • a restaurant
  • a bar
  • meeting rooms
  • an atrium pool with a spa
  • a fitness center


Services and Facilities

  1. In Room Dining

Since the Metropolitan Hotel already has a fine-dining restaurant, providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and also brunch, the restaurant is going to be full most of the time. We believe that the hotel can also provide room dining to the guest so that they can save time from waiting tables of the restaurant and this also allow them to have more privacy.

  1. Babysitting and Children’s play room

The Metropolitan Hotel is a resort hotel. It provides massage services and spa treatments. However, if the parents are taking care of their children, they couldn’t join the spa. Therefore, if the hotel has babysitting services or even a children’s play rooms, the parents can have total relaxation experience and enjoy their holiday.

  1. Smoking Area

Although the Metropolitan Hotel is a free-smoke hotel, there might be some guest who are smokers. This will be inconvenient for them to smoke. Therefore, the hotel can arrange some private area to let them smoke and control the smell, and this will not affect others non-smoking guests.

  1. Airport Shuttle

The hotel is going to provide transportation between the Vancouver International Airport and the hotel. Although the two spots were not far away, it is still difficult for the guest with luggage to take public transport. It will be much convenient if the hotel provides an airport shuttle.

Advertising and Marketing

  1. Create an Official Website

In-order to let more people to know more about the hotel, the hotel should create an official website. People from all around the world can visit the website easily and get the information that they want, such as room types, prices and transportation. And people can also make a reservation online.

  1. Work with Agents like Bookings.com, Hotels.com

Nowadays, people like to compare hotels through Internet. Facilities, prices and even people’s comments. Advertising on those websites can increase the awareness of the hotel. If the hotel has positive comments, people will consider to book the hotel.

  1. Hotel Membership Card

People will think that they are important if they are a member. They can have returns like free champagnes and free upgrades. This will encourage people to come back to the hotel. This is much like a loyal program.

  1. SPA package

Since parents may not feel comfortable leaving their children with the babysitter, they might want to take their children with them to the SPA. Therefore, we are going to have a SPA package for Family. The minimum age of entering the SPA is 6. And the package will include a snacks box for the children.



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