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Analytical Essay Between "crecen Altas Las Flores", by Nicolas Guillen

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Essay Preview: Analytical Essay Between "crecen Altas Las Flores", by Nicolas Guillen

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Analytical essay between "Crecen altas las flores", by Nicolas Guillen

And "Magical Death for a Magical Life", by Eduardo Galeano

The poem, "Crecen altas las flores," talks about a victim of super powers. The speaker in the poem says that, he is a man certain of his future, knowing very well he would perish. They are slaves, forced to join an army and march to war, with their commanders whipping them to move forward. "If I were not a man certain of the future.........with Lynch at the rudder and Jim Crow in command..." . They are forced into an alliance with the Yankees, and yet the progress is not in any way possible.

While the article, "Magical death for a Magical Life" by Eduardo Galeano, speaks of the third world countries. As a result of the war between the world super powers, they are forced to come in between and form a base for the wars and provide resources with no pay. Though left to this unfortunate fate, Che, the protagonist, still fights for his beliefs. He says, "Armed struggle is the only solution for peoples who are struggling to be free, and I live in accordance to my beliefs." The protagonist considers himself an adventurer, though one who is ready to risk his life, in order to prove his truths.

An analysis of the two texts shows a similarity. This is experienced in that the protagonist in Galeano's article, "Magic death for a Magic Life" fights for a cause that he believes in. He and the fellow soldiers are forced into a war, knowing very well their fate was death in the war, still stand up to arms and fight for their freedom. Che enters into death and he neither requests for permission or forgiveness for this. Similarly, in Nicolas Guillen's poem, "Crecen altas las flores" the slaves go into war, seeking their survival, forced into an alliance, and yet they know their fate in this would be war. Still, they take up to arms and support each other in this cause.

Another similarity is seen in the suppression that Che and his army, in Galeano's article experience from the Americans and the government. Both were looked down upon, and no one stood up for Latin America, and the other poor races, only to watch them fall to their fate. Che died fighting for his people of Latin America, and believed in their freedom. He died a great soldier. The Chinese men, Indians and Black men died fighting for their survival, despite their lives being worthless to the Yankees. They die, fighting for their people and for their belief, and do not look back, despite being aware of their unfortunate fate.

In conclusion, both books talk of the fate of the third world countries and their citizens, torn in between forging alliances with the world superpowers, or facing a rather devastating fate. They are to fight



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