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Schoville, R. R., (2009), Work-arounds and artifacts during transition to a computer physician order entry: What they are and what they mean, Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 24(4), 316-324.

Computer physician order entry (CPOE) has been a subject of debate for many years. Many healthcare facilities have implemented systems successfully. Others have failed or attempted without success, incurring substantial financial hardships. The reason for physician order entry is quality improvement, decrease medication error and physician time. Obstacles to physician order entry result from the changes required to put the new policies and procedures in place, roles of the healthcare team, and teaching. In order for the CPOE to be successful, the program must include a fast and easy system, consistency, willingness and involvement of all clinicians and leadership who will work out the errors. This is a research article that examines the key concepts of the CPOE. Potential immediate and long-range uses of CPOE must be considered when purchasing a system. This article is good to use for my RU project because it discusses the benefits of using CPOE.

The goal of this article is to inform healthcare providers of the obstacles involved in implementing CPOE. It's useful to use because the information can be used to avoid common mistakes during implementation. The information is reliable because it was researched. However, the limitation is that only two facilities were used in the research. The article fits into my research assignment by explaining the artifacts involved in implementing a CPOE program so that those mistakes can be avoided and a program can be implanted without lots of trial and error. I look at my topic differently after reading articles related to my topic. I agree that CPOE can be used to improve the medication process and decrease medication errors.



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