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Annual Report of the oncology Care Program Course Project

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Essay Preview: Annual Report of the oncology Care Program Course Project

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Annual Report of the Oncology Care Program Course Project

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This yearly report is a synopsis of activities of the Oncology department at Sunshine Hospital, proposals that were put forward by the cancer committee, the available cancer services at the hospital and a keen observation of supplementary cancer activities that are a norm at the sunshine hospital. This cancer program is a joint venture between Peter MacCallum Cancer centre and Western Health. It is the foremost centre to present Public Radiotherapy Services to the people living in the Melbourne’s West and has highest service rate in the area for colorectal cancer and has eventually abridged the number of people going to East Melbourne to get the cancer treatment. The center has two great energy VMAT capable linacs with on board imaging facility; they also have an ortho-voltage machine and an enormous bore CT scanner. It is expected to treat at least 900 patients in the future. Two extra bunker spaces have been installed in 2013 to supply for predictable potential expansion

The committee for cancer department of Sunshine hospital

The Sunshine hospital has a cancer committee which is consisting of people from diverse fields and disciplines of medicine. It comprises of active members of staff on behalf of internal medicine, oncology Gynecology and surgery. There are a few other non- physician members as well belonging to a variety of fields like the Nursing, Administration, Medical records, Hospice, Dietary and the cancer registry. There are regular meetings of the cancer committee to turn up with ways and ideas to raise consciousness regarding cancer, innovative equipments to identify cancer and fresh progresses on cancer treatments. They institute yearly priorities and goals as they talk about activities related to cancer in the Sunshine

Radiotherapy centre in St. Albans.

The committee members consist of;

  • Dr Arlene- Exec. Dir. medical services
  • Adele Mollo Ops. Mgr. – Cancer Services
  • Angela Mellerick - Unit Manager
    Anita Haines Clinical Nurse Consultant Team Leader
  • Barbara Rush- American cancer society
  • Dr. Gurava Reddy- Surgery
  • Helen Brasier Manager - Cancer Research
  • Dr. John Violet- Site director and Radiation Oncologist
  • Dr. Kathy Pope - radiotherapy
  •  Kathryn crook- CEO
  • Kethly Fallon –Dir. of nursing
  • Dr .Michael Sedgley- Gynecology
  • Maria Bodnar Nurse Unit Manager
  • Professor Michael Green Director of Cancer Services
  • Ms Natasha Toohey- Dir. Allied Health
  • Nadine Gilby - Sunshine Radiation Therapy Centre
  • Dr. Vannessa Estall skin/melanoma, CNS

The most important objectives of the cancer program are;

  • To amplify the competence of patients treated in the West Melbourne
  • To generate cancer treatment nearer to home for patients residing in the area.
  • To guarantee that patients acquire value and enhanced care by means of a multi disciplinary strategy in the supervision of cancer.
  • To make certain that the amenities and conveniences go beyond the standards of Diagnostic Accreditation Scheme 2010.
  • To decrease the death rate attributable to cancer and its associated illnesses.
  • To ensure the residents obtain excellent and inexpensive cancer treatment.

The Sunshine Hospital has come about with an assortment of strategies to ensure that their objectives are accomplished. One of these strategies is free clinic screening for ordinary occurring cancers like the breast cancers. The committee ensures that their equipment is of an up to date to guarantee early finding of tumors which may not be discovered otherwise by average equipments. Lastly, they have turned up with fresh nursing modus operandi to make certain that the incurably ailing patients are taken care of with attention and meticulousness. The management and every single one from the staff of Sunshine Hospital are enthusiastic and committed to ensure that their objectives are recognized and bear fruit and to work intimately with Peter MacCallum Cancer centre to provide the residents of the area with better services.

Narrative Report

Statistical facts for Sunshine Hospital for the year 2013[1]

To be acquainted with the crux of the matter and to outline the measures to counter them are the reasons for the staff of the cancer registry to accrue data as regards to cancer patients who are being diagnosed or treated at the hospital and / or have been through the procedure and they also evaluate the data collected. The information taken is utilized to assist in review the value and worth of the attention and medical care available in the cancer centre at the hospital. In the Sunshine Radiotherapy centre, radiotherapy is given for eight weeks and in further cases an amalgamation of extra treatment organization like the chemotherapy is recommended. The entire amount of cases that have been brought to the radiotherapy center is more than 590 cases where it has the capacity of more than 900. Out of these 590 cases the most frequently occurring are the breast and colon cases 72 each in total, 77 cases of lung cancer, 38 of cervix, 27 for uterus, 25 for rectum, 30 for bladder, 16 for stomach and 195 for other cancers.





Total Number













































[pic 1]

Total Number of Cases of Cancer

4,120 people in the previous five years from central and western Melbourne have been identified with cancer, the mainly widespread are: 10.6 per cent lung, 13.9 per cent bowel; 12.5 per cent breast; and 13.5 per cent prostate. The Peter Mac facility in East Melbourne will be the destiny of cases that cannot be taken care of at the Centre.  (Sunshine Centre will care for patients in Melbourne’s west, 2011)



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