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Antagonist - to Kill a Mockingbird - Miss Caroline Fisher

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Essay Preview: Antagonist - to Kill a Mockingbird - Miss Caroline Fisher

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Ally Fischer

Mr. Marz

Honors English



The character that I believe to be the antagonist is in To Kill a Mockingbird is Miss Caroline Fisher. I believe she is the antagonist because Scout is the protagonist and in the beginning of the book Miss Caroline is mean to Scout because Scout can already read. Through Scouts whole first grade year Miss Caroline is never nice to Scout even when she tries to help Miss Caroline understand the town a little bit more.

On Scouts very first day of school, she meets Miss Caroline Fisher her first grade teacher. When Miss Caroline found out Scout could read she was furious and told her that her dad should stop educating her because it was Miss Caroline's job to educate Scout. At recess Scouts older brother, Jem, said not to worry because it was a new method of teaching. Scout still felt guilty that her dad had taught her to read.

That afternoon was what made Miss Caroline hate Scout all because of a boy named Walter Cunningham. Walter Cunningham is really poor and couldn't bring a quarter for lunch and he was so poor he couldn't even bring his own lunch. Miss Caroline noticed this and told Walter if she gave him a quarter for lunch that day he had to promise that he would pay her back tomorrow. Walter refused because he learned that if you know you can't pay a person back don't make that promise. Miss Caroline Fisher was getting very frustrated with this and Scout tried to explain to her about Walters situation. The way Scout described the situation, Miss Caroline thought it was a joke all because she didn't understand what Scout was trying to explain. Miss Caroline Fisher punishes Scout by slapping her hand with a ruler.

I believe Miss Caroline Fisher to be the antagonist in To Kill a Mockingbird because how she treats Scout. Miss Caroline didn't give Scout a chance to start liking school because Miss Caroline made her feel bad enough that she already knew how to read. Scout wanted to quit school and get homeschooled but Atticus, her father, wouldn't allow her to do that.



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