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Anytime Fitness Gym Company Case Study

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Essay Preview: Anytime Fitness Gym Company Case Study

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  1. Identify the company’s strategy for accomplishing their mission, goals and objectives?  2 pts.

Anytime fitness is a gym company that focuses on affordability and convenience. The do this by keeping staffing low. To keep prices low each location only staffs a skeleton crew during the day, they don’t have any high-end equipment, and don’t offer any amenities. Also, all location have a small foot print which also keeps running cost low.


  1. Discuss the business that they are in? 2 pts.

They are a gym that offers low cost membership which includes, basic work out equipment such as cardio machans, free weights, and simple weight machines, with the flexibility of letting members access the gym 24/7.  

  1. Discuss the values and principles they have chosen as a basis for doing business? 2 pts.

People, Purpose, Profits, and Play are the key principles to planet fitness(forbs).


  1. Define their source of uniqueness and the core competencies that will give them a

competitive advantage? 2 pts.

There main thing that stand out with this company is that its available for members 24/7

And they do it at a very low cost.

  1. Discuss changes that are recommended for maintaining sustainability 2 pts.

To keep with the low-cost aspect this company prides itself of I think if they offer online work out classes when costumers are at their gym. I think if they pre-record work out routines and work out plans that can be accessed when working out at the gym would encourage more people to use their gyms.

  1. Identify two internal strengths and two weaknesses of the company. 3 pts.


Weaknesses won’t get the business of costumers that like high end gyms with amenities such as saunas, pools, basketball courts. Another weakness is that there is limited guidance from staff to clientele. With limited staff they are unable to give a lot of one on one training and attention that many people like and feel that they need.    

The model they have chosen of being open 24/7 give people the flexibility to work out on their own schedule. The ability to use any of their gyms at any location is also a strength in the company.  

  1. What would you consider as the possible opportunities or threats in the macroenvironment for this company? 3 pts.

Changes in attitudes towards health and fitness have created a larger target market and this gives them the opportunity to expand.  

  1. Identify the generic competitive strategies that the company is following and defend your response. 3 pts.


I believe that anytime fitness is following a Cost Leadership Strategy, I say this because they have no amenity’s which can drive up cost, they have a minimal staff, and at night they have no staffing. This enables the company to offer memberships at a much lower cost compared to gyms that offer more.  



  1. Identify this company’s primary competitors and rate their level of success in comparison to the competition. 3 pts.

Anytime fitness has a lot of competitors the main ones are planet fitness, snap fitness, and 24-hour fitness. Planit fitness is a more economical gym mis some amenities like drink bar Sana’s massage chairs, but they don’t offer 24-hour access’s, our group classes, and this gym discriminates towards very intense workouts. So, if you are someone that wants to do intense workouts then anytime fitness works better.  Snap fitness and 24-hour offer 24-hour gym access’s like anytime fitness, but they offer a lot more amenities and classes. This comes at a higher price which many gym goers can’t afford. In conclusion anytime fitness offers gym goers access any time they want and the ability to work out how they want, without all the frills and high price of places like Snap fitness and 24-hour fitness.



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