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A&p Queenie Perspective

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Essay Preview: A&p Queenie Perspective

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I walk in the A&P store with two friends of mine, and I feel a little cold since I am in a bathing suit. The store is full of ordinary people- it seems to me that everyone wears the same clothes and has the same face expression. There are two clerks at the register: one of them looks a little bit older than the other one. I do not know why, but the younger clerk keeps on staring at me and my friends. He looks my age and has a decent looking, but I do not like the way he stares at me- it is so creepy. Anyway, all I am thinking now is "Get a jar of herring snacks quick and get the hell out of this place." So, I ask the guy at the meat counter where I can find the snacks, and he points at one aisle and says the snacks should be there. So, we go there and pick one jar, and then we go to the register to check it out. When I get to the register, the older clerk is talking to his "buddy," so I go to the stare-a-lot clerk (though I do not like this guy). While the guy is checking out the jar, he keeps on looking at my hands!! At this moment, I begin to wonder if he has a some sort of problem. By the time when I hand over a dollar bill to the clerk, the manager comes in from the door and approaches to us. He seems to have something to say to us. When he comes close enough to us, he says we cannot wear bathing suits when we shop here. I say "We weren't doing any shopping. We just came in for the one thing," but he stubbornly makes his point that it is their "policy." When I hear that word "policy," I do not want to argue with this manager guy anymore. So, I just get my changes and jar from the clerk and escape this place as fast as I can.



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