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Ap World History Essay

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Every revolution that has occurred in history has similar qualities along different ones no matter how far apart they occurred. One example is the French Revolution (1789) and the Mexican Revolution (1910). Throughout their revolutionary process' they were similar in their social goals but were different in their outcomes as France reformed politically and Mexicans had a social reform.

The two revolutions were alike in their goals socially as the French wished to overthrow Louis XVI because he allowed people higher up on the social class more rights and luxuries than the lower class while in Mexico the people wished for the government to give more civil rights to the peasants. To begin, the ruling class of France was living a much better life than the peasant class of France. For instance while the King and Queen were eating and spending their way to a two billion livre debt that was mainly caused by the participation of France in the American Revolution the lower classes were facing mass starvation as bread, the main food source for these people, became more expensive with each passing day. The first step towards winning rights occurred as King Louis called for the meeting of the Estates General. The Estates General is made up of three groups, Roman Catholic clergy men, nobles, and peasants, and they are all represented at the meetings. This meeting allowed for the peasants to show how bad the rights were for them as the meeting was about taxes which enabled them to show that they were unable to pay the taxes as all their money went to pay for the high price of bread and other food. Social unrest happened in Mexico as well due to inequalities. In Mexico upper class men from Spain controlled a massive amount of land whereas at least 95% of peasants did not own any land of their own. This led to the Mexican rebels slogan of tierra y libertad which means land and liberty as people became angry over how they were working on land that wasn't their own. Some of the leaders of these people were Emiliano Zapata and Francisco Villa. Civil rights were beginning to be reached as Zapata confiscated lands of the upper class and gave them the lower classes. These goals were social due to the fact that the upper class of France such as King Louis XVI and his wife Queen Antoinette had many more social rights granted to the upper class such as food while the peasants has none of that. Compared to Mexico where they had the same situation only instead of food the peasants had a shortage of land as it all went to the people of the upper class such as Porfirio Díaz.

Although the two countries had the same goals they had very different outcomes. Both countries reformed but the French reformed in a political way compared the reformation of Mexico being from a social stand point. After the meeting of the Estates the peasants formed a new Assembly with the goal to form a new constitution which started off a series of events the led to The



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