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Apple Case Study

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Karrie Higgins


APRIL 22, 201

In 1984, Apple inc. introduced the very first computer with a graphical user interface. The very next year, Microsoft introduced its own G.U.I., Windows. Before what is referred to as "graphical user interface", most computers ran on MS dos or some other kind of primitive code based program. For a few years after releasing their respective graphical user interface's, Apple and Microsoft were highly competitive with each other. Then, around 1988, Apple inc.'s sales began to decline. The market had chosen which system they preferred and at the time, it was not Mac os. But in 1998 Apple inc. decided to do something that put them back in the competitive game. They decided to integrate the technologies of their product line into what they called the "imac." After that, sales picked up, and Apple could once again compete with Microsoft. Even though both companies run similar systems, many people are divided between the two. Which computer system is superior?

The first and most obvious thing to consider is the range of prices of each system. Apple inc. is known for their expensive gear. For most people, a computer is just a tool for the internet and videogames. To them, paying $900-2000 is much too overpriced for surfing the web. Enter windows; Microsoft does not make its own computers, but instead makes an easy to use operating system that can be put on third party computers. With this ability, other companies can make their computers for relatively cheap and still have a windows os. Many windows operated computers are as cheap as $200 and range to $1000 plus.

Next in line is the area of performance. Since Apple inc. designs and builds its own machines, they are able to put what ever kind of processor into it that they want. As for ease of access, windows has been known around the world as the system for beginners. Still, with features such as the multiple finger swipe controls, the mac lineup has also become super user friendly. Apple inc. has an extensive lineup of products, all of which can seamlessly interconnect via wireless means in what is known as the "icloud". With the icloud, all of your apple products, from iPods to MacBook Pro's to MacBook Air's and desktops, can trade and stream media from all of the other items in their icloud. Windows has yet to match this feature.

The biggest fear of web surfers is a wicked virus infecting their brand new computer. So, if they wish, a set of software programs can be purchased to block the viruses from ruining your fancy computer. This is not really too much of a problem for computers running mac os though. Most viruses are intended to target windows operating systems



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