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Apple Technology

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Essay Preview: Apple Technology

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Over recent years, technology has gone through significant changes. These changes have affected the way we communicate. These changes have even affected writing styles. For example, when people send text messages, they tend to use abbreviations for words and phrases. Then, when these people have to write academically or professionally, they might unknowingly write abbreviations instead of complete words and phrases. Therefore, it is important for people to develop and use academic and professional writing styles when necessary. I also feel that I should develop an academic and professional writing style because I will need these skills when I am looking for my future job and when I am working.

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Over the recent year’s technology has gone through a sufficient amount of change resulting in the way people communicate and how it has affected their writing style. For example, when a person sends a text message they tend to use abbreviations for words and phrases. However, the way a person texts or communicate can affect the way they write with them unknowingly putting abbreviations in place of the correct words or phrases. Therefore, developing an academic and professional writing style is very important because when a person goes to apply for a job they will need to provide a cover letter and resume which will result in them using their writing skills. People use writing in their everyday life, so with technology, it's very important that a person has a strong developed writing skills because if they don’t they won’t be able to get the job want or need to survive and become successful in life.



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