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Art History

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...."Less is more." Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who was the principle of Bauhaus said this famous quotation. Actually, I really do not like Bauhaus's philosophy and their consideration. Their communism and practicalism are significant to our society; however they do not care of designs, such as colors and decorations. They combine architecture and industrial design in one unity. Truly, that is not my style, for the reason that I consider more designs than practicality. I extremely like using variety of colors and complexity. For instance, Bauhaus make a chair look like an architecture and very comfortable; if I am a designer, I might design colorful and comfortable. Many young people in the present also want furniture beautiful and colorful. On the other hand, Bauhaus's architecture is incredible. After I watch the movie, "Bauhaus in America", I research on the Internet, and I find some of great their work. I am interested of Mies's work, " International Exposition in Barcelona". He used thin iron steels for pillars, flat walls, and curve lines under a roof. That is really fabulous, so I finally fall into the Bauhaus's architecture. They build pyramid shape building in Chicago as well. Actually, if I watch this movie last year, I seriously look for the Bauhaus's architecture in Spain and Germany, because I went to Europe last year. I did not know what the Bauhaus's architecture is in last year; however, I have a chance to see the Bauhaus's architecture in the winter. I will go to Chicago in the winter break, so I will find it out and see the pyramid shape building. Finally, I am interested of their architecture; but I do not like their product designs, such as chairs and table. They only consider a function, not a design for the interior design. I do not understand what "less is more" means when I



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