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Artical Crituque

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Article critique: Can we talk

COM 200: Interpersonal communications

November 28, 2011


In most marriages, we cannot withhold a healthy communication style with a great understanding with these days and times. The article role of communication in a marriage written by Nara Schoenberg is a good article and gives great advice with communication with your partner. To communicate with your partner it is important, the relationship will last longer and both will be happy with each other.

With reading the article, I could relate with the great advice on how to communicate with your partner in order to make marriages last longer and quality time. I was able to relate to "many couples think they are communicating with each other,'' "when the sort out who will pick up the kids, pay the bills or call the grandparents.'' The reason I can relate to this statement is that my husband and I talk all the time who is taking the children to school, which is turn to pay the light bill, we never take the time out and talk about us.

Self-disclosure is an important key to having satisfaction in a relationship because it is the act of verbally and non-verbally reveling information about you to other people. In raveling your true thought and self you allow other people to know the real you and not your public personality. When making a connection you are able to understand how interpersonal communication works. Similarities in gender rules are greater over the years. I think communication play an important role in relationships.


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