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Artificial Intelligence - Bone or Bane?

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Essay Preview: Artificial Intelligence - Bone or Bane?

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First we need to understand what Artificial Intelligence is. The Artificial Intelligence is not just a robot. The robot is just a skeleton. The computer system assembled inside the robot is the Artificial Intelligence. The intelligence is collection of data from day-to-day life and applying it in situations. The humans are not only the intelligence. So when a computer expressing the intelligence is said to be Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays most of the field using the Artificial Intelligence applications. Artificial Intelligence is more tough and sophisticated subject in the world. Still most of the organisation are using to Artificial Intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence have many advantages like fast and robust and so on. It helps the human being to make things simple. Even though Artificial Intelligence has so many advantages, it has more disadvantages to either in the way of controlling the world or it may be against the human. So we need to know how Artificial Intelligence came, why Artificial Intelligence need , how it works and effects of Artificial Intelligence. This will be explain detailly in the essay.


“ A branch of a computer science which studies the development of software and hardware which stimulates human intelligence”

This includes,

 Understanding language

 Learning

 Reasoning

 Solving problem and so on.


• Conventional AI

• Computational Intelligence

Conventional Intelligence

Conventional Intelligence is based on machine learning. Based on algorithms whose instructions are stored in memory and executed in sequential way. It means conventional AI can solve only one problem at a time in a given domain.

Computational Intelligence

Conventional Intelligence is the study of design of the intelligent agents. Its has the ability to learn specific task with data or experimental observation. It can solve a range of problem in a given domain. Does not guarantee solution to the given problem.


The Artificial Intelligence has a variety of applications in many domains. Some the applications in business are

 Banking and finance - Fraud detection

o Today most of the banks using AI to detect fraud activities. It detects whether the



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