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As the Snow Falls

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It was a cold cloudy day. The skies were low and dirty like a ceiling in a shabby flat. It was such period of time when trees looks very frozen and lonely because of hoarfrost on them and nights are very cold and dark. It was a very late autumn. It was at this time that people became nervous and anxious and sad without apparent cause. The time of breathless waiting for something unknown.

It was just one of these cold days. I was on my way home, hurrying and walking against the wind. Suddenly I felt a little cold touch on my skin. Then it happened again and again. I disregarded this touch at first as I was screwed up, because I had a very hard working day. So I cottoned on when I raised my head. It was little snowflakes. They were very few at first, but soon a great wall of snow obscured the view. I slacked my pace. It seemed that Winter stole up on Autumn and embarrassed her by the shoulders. It was just like a second wind for me. But not only for me: when I entered underground I noticed relief and childlike happiness on people's faces. Mother-Nature lived up to their expectations again and her little delay just made that happiness more delicious.

It was a cold cloudy day, but this magnificent blizzard softened it. I was sitting by the window with a cup of robust coffee. And like thousands of Moscow citizens I felt a strange feeling in my stomach. And I think it was inspiration and hope for something better would come.



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