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alam niyo ung mapalad? ako un eh. ung pc ko lan ung walang deep freeze. m/.

THANK YOU LORD. kahit 1 of 4 pages pa lan nagagawa ko. :)). ‎5 TRUTHS TO SHARE: 1. Prayer prevents panic. 2. Count your blessings to forget your problems. 3. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. 4. There is no "Key" to happiness. The Door is already open. 5. Fear God who saves your Soul, not those who can harm your Body. GOD BLESS US ALL TODAY ♥ ♥ ♥KAKAMISS DIN YUNG MGA TROPA KO JAN SA CIELITO! ANO BA MGA BHEST? :) try nyo kyang dalawin ako sa UE db? :D Russel Cantor,Kevin Penson,Skretz Salire,Iael Cantor,Jencen Aguilar Ü,Rhona Marie R. Bolalin,Bang Minaj paramdam din? :DDD



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