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Asians Being Mistreated by the Us Government

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Essay Preview: Asians Being Mistreated by the Us Government

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I was actually very disturbed by the video, and the fact that I had no idea that these events ever took place in the United States of America. Without a doubt Pearl Harbor was a tragedy which should never be forgotten, but I think that what the United States government did with the Japanese people who lived in America at the time is simply unacceptable. When I was watching the video I was thinking about how these events are very similar to the Holocaust, and they were taking place here in AMERICA "the land of the free". In my opinion what the United States government did was against all international laws, and I am pretty sure that no such thing will ever happen today in the United States, and if it did there would be some severe reactions against America from the rest of the world.

I think that the US government wouldn't take such severe actions against anybody today because as we have come to learn actions like these are NOT ACCEPTABLE no matter what the circumstances are. However I think that the United States government still uses racial profiling everywhere, but now it is very well covered and very well disguised by the government. In my opinion 9/11 serves as an excuse for racial profiling now a days, just like Pearl Harbor did in the past. However I think that today there are much more severe international laws that prevent anything like the events shown in the movie repeat.



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