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Assignment of Week

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Week 7 Hand-in Assignment

Adham Mukattash

1. Introduction:

Traditional Project Management Life Cycle Approach is being used in the company; after revising all the information available in the company, analyzing the data, setting with the various project managers currently on stuff and performing reviews; We had found that traditional PMLC approach is not recommended and Adaptive PMLC Approach should be used instead for most of the projects to gain more valuable results by performing projects more quickly, at lower cost, and with more preferable results.

2. Applying Traditional Project Management Life Cycle and Evaluation of Current Status:

Analyzing the current status lead into the following observations:

A. The Type of projects being carried on has good knowledge about the goals and targets but limited information about the solution of this project.

B. The project managers and teams handling the projects have no sufficient experience on such kind of projects and hence lack of knowledge on the best way to perform and achieve targets.

C. Company has no or poor historical records for previous projects that could help in lessons learned for the current and future projects.

D. Client has a lot of impact and anticipations and requesting several changes that means he is interfering the current plans and processes being applied.

E. Your Projects involve a lot of complexity and details.

F. The type of projects applied is oriented to produce Client value products

Knowing that, would lead into characteristics of traditional PMLC approach and requirements to be applied:

A. It resists changes and modifications.

B. It resists time and cost extensions.

C. It requires well knowledge about expected goals and solutions.

D. It is normally applied when projects has limited complexity and less details.

E. It requires experienced team and project managers in the same project type.

F. It follows well established templates.

G. It resists changes and hence does not focus on client Value.

3. Conclusions & recommendations:

It was found that that traditional Project Management Life Cycle Approach applied in the projects is not useful and has major reason of the projects failure. The company should look for other type of PMLC approaches that would benefit of this type of Projects



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