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Assisted Suicide

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Currently, 34 stages have statutes explicitly criminalizing assisted suicide. Especially, "Oregon which, since 1997, has allowed people who are terminally ill, in intractable pain, and not depressed to obtain a lethal prescription from their physician which they may decide to consume and end their chronic suffering. This is called "Physician Assisted Suicide" or PAS. Washington voters passed Initiative 1000 in 2008-NOV. Supporters call it a "Death with Dignity bill;" opponents call it an "Assisted Suicide" measure. Both are accurate descriptions. It is similar to the Oregon law. Montana's Montana Supreme Court legalized PAS in a decision handed down on 2009-DEC-31. Unfortunately, it does not have the system of safeguards in place that the laws in Oregon and Washington have." (1) This law allows an individual to help another person die because that is individual's aspiration. Firstly, it would end suffering for terminal patients with no hope. They will not continue to live in vain. And they will not be a burden to family. Patients and their family will not have to worry about the financial and spiritual. In addition a person has the right to choose how and when they die and to do so in a humane way. Their life is themselves, so it's live or dies by their decisions. Moreover, pain and anguish of the patient's family and friends can be lessened, and they can say their final goodbyes. Friends and family of the patient often suffer as much or more pain as the patient himself. Doctor-assisted suicide would give the patient a chance to say his final goodbyes and end his life with dignity. He will have a new life without pain and relatives will also reassuring and less distressing.



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