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Astrophotography: Moon

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Astrophotography: Moon

I decided to take a photo of the moon for over 29 days using two very different methods. My Nikon D90 helped me adjust lighting and focus on my photos. The other form of photography I used was to take my Canon Digital Camera and put it to the eyepiece of my 6-inch Reflector Celestron Advanced GT Computerized Telescope. Since Astrophysics is my major, I took this project very seriously and made sure each image was taken with clarity and perfection. I took these images from many different locations like campgrounds, the city, beach, and mostly my backyard. I didn't take all the images through my telescope because it is very heavy to lift and take outside everyday, therefore I used a professional camera instead. Since I am also into photography in general, I wanted to experiment with my camera too. I wasn't able to take a picture of the moon every night, because some nights it was cloudy but whenever I had the opportunity, I had to take a photo. I chose the moon, because the phases of the moon interest me. The moon orbits around the earth, and we see the visible light of the sun that reflects on the moon when it is in a certain position. We never see the backside of the moon a.k.a., the dark side of the moon. I enjoyed this project very much, because I was able to use my telescope and my camera more often as well as getting to view different phases of the moon.



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