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Athen and Sparta

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Sparta and Athens were both city-states located in Southern Greece. A lot of characteristics about these two city-states were similar, but a lot of characteristics were very different. The Spartan's had a different way of living then the Athenians, but in a way, they both had the same kind of government.

Sparta, located in the South part of Greece, focused mainly on its military ability. After it was practically taken over by the town it had conquered, the Spartan's decided that they had to concentrate more on war. The boys went into military training as early as age seven, and the girls wrestled, ran, and played other competitive sports. The women didn't have a very high role. They couldn't vote or be a part of the council or assembly. The assembly consisted of free adult males that were elected. The Spartan's also had a very diverse community, and social groups.

Athens, located on the southeastern tip of Greece, focused its life on art, culture and education. The Athenians avoided Civil war. They had a democratic government, which was for free adult males only. The Athenian women were the housekeepers. They took care of the children, weaved cloth, and performed other household chores. The Athenians had a written law that was headed by one leader named Solon whom everyone trusted. The Athenians also had social grouping.

Sparta and Athens were both city-states located in the Southern part of Greece. They both had a government that was only available to free adult males and they both had social groups. On the other hand, the Athenians were always open and eager to learn new things, while the Spartan's were too involved in war to even have an education. Its weird how two city-states that existed at the same time period, in the same country, could be so different, yet so similar.



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