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Atomic Bomb - World War 2

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Essay Preview: Atomic Bomb - World War 2

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Because of the mind set, firebombing incidents and total defeat, Harry Truman did not make the right decision when he used the atomic bomb.

World War two was a disaster unlike any other; and the U.S. started working on a top secret project the only very few knew about at that time. That project would be known as the Manhattan project and only very few knew what the outcome would be. The U.S during the war was helping the allies, which could have been motive enough for the Japanese when they attacked Pearl Harbor. Then FDR dies and the U.S. is left to Harry Truman, of which did not know about the atomic bomb. One of the scientist, who was helping on the project, wrote Truman a letter informing him what he should do. While working on the bomb and making decisions that could greatly affect the Japanese nation, we were firebombing Tokyo, Dresden, and many other cities. Even thought the Japanese had been greatly hurt by the firebombs, they were not surrendering like we wanted them to .

To Begin, one reason Harry Truman decided to drop the bomb was the mind set. The bombing of Pearl Harbor set up the mind set. Truman found himself swept into the wartime maelstrom of anti-Japanese rage, driven by a fierce memory of Pearl Harbor and image of Japanese as demons .We saw them as demon or beast. Before the war Americans did not treat the Japanese as such, they first started to treat them bad when Truman did). In fact, Truman said this about the Japanese, "When you have to deal with a beast you have to treat him as a beast." . When Truman started to have a prejudice against the Japanese, the people couldn't help themselves but have it too. "Hostility against the Japanese was pervasive in American culture..." . In fact, the people had made it so bad to where if you Japanese you had to scheduled for removal



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