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Australia Is like in the 21st Century

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Essay Preview: Australia Is like in the 21st Century

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* Hello Future Australians of 2111, I am Mary Matabang. I am an historian from the year of 2011. I am making this video to show and tell you what Australia in the 21st century is like.

* Today I have gathered six pictures to help you understand what Australia is like in the 21st century.

* The first picture I will be showing you is the Outback. The outback is a very remote and dry area of Australia. The outback has great history behind it; the outback is where many aboriginals have settled for more than 30,000 years ago. Aboriginals means "the first" or "earliest known", they are the ones who first founded Australia and the first ones who settled here. Also many native animals of Australia are found in the outback such as; dingo's, emu's and Kangaroos.

Speaking of Kangaroo's, let's move to out next picture of one. The kangaroo is an animal only found in Australia. It is a well-known animal in other countries. If you ask someone from another country on what comes to mind when they think of Australia, they will say something like Kangaroos. Many stereotypes about Kangaroo's have been said from many foreigners. Many people from other countries believe that Kangaroos are like pets to many Australians but the truth is that they aren't pets. They can only be found in the outback or if you live in the city, at the zoo.

* The next picture I'll show you is a picture of a beach called Bondi. Bondi is an aboriginal word meaning "water breaking over rocks". Bondi beach is one of the famous tourist destinations in Australia due to its beautiful white sand and blue water. It is also a beach for surfers because of its big waves. Many stereotypes are also said about Australia's beaches, such as; the beautiful tanned women or the blue water.

* Now we will be moving on to our next picture of an Australia Barbeque or as Australians like to call it, the "barbie". When Australians family and friends have a little gathering at one's home, they would most probably have a "barbie". Men traditionally do the cooking of the barbecue with a cold beer in hand. The ladies usually make the salads to go with these sizzling events. A Barbeque is sometimes come along with the football game or what Australians like to call it, the "footy game" or someone's birthday party.

* Now to the next picture I'll be showing you, in this picture you can see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. These two landmarks are one of most visited places in Australia. They are also big Tourist destinations. They come to these places to watch a show at the opera house, walk on the harbour bridge or even just visit and take a picture of. It is where all major events happen like concerts or where all the Australians come to gather on New Year's Day and



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