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Baby Steps

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Marquaveous Williams

American Intercontinental University

Baby Steps

English Com2

Lakesha Rhodes

May, 12 2016

Baby Steps

        Auto motive transportation is one of the best ways to travel for any adult figure. Some of use cars as just a means of transportation of getting from A to B. Others choose to exceed the normal expectations of a car and add twin-turbo v-8 engines, supercharged v-12 engines when purchasing a car to turn the world to your very own one way race track. The Rush of speed the power force being throttled and pushed out through the tire to generate that power to increase the speed of the vehicle. That truly makes a car worth wild, especially seeing other car enthusiast with their different cars and colors. The idea of a Car has transformed over centuries and continues to progress to the point of a self-driving cars. None of this would be possible if wasn’t for Karl Benz. His invention of the first gas powered car help him mold the automotive industry into a complete monarchy of his own. The first gas powered engine shape the future for the auto motive industry with its creation and advancements in technology to having electric cars, high performance, cars and self-driving cars.

        It wasn’t until the 1886 when Karl Benz developed the first gas powered engine car. Karl Benz was born Baden Muehlburg, Germany. Son of an engine driver quickly fell into his notch for cars, he attended Karlsruhe grammar school and went on to graduate from polytechnic University. He began his work on the two-stroke engine in hoping to find new income. He got his first patent in 1879, then he lathered own founded Benz & Company to produce industrial engines in Mannheim, Germany. He started designing “motor carriage", with a four-stroke engine (based on Nicolaus Otto's patent). Benz designed his engine (958cc, 0.75hp) and the body for the three-wheel vehicle with an electric ignition, differential gears, and water-cooling. The car was first driven in Mannheim in 1885. On January 29, 1886, he was granted a patent for his gas-fueled automobile (DRP 37435) and in July, he began selling his automobile to the public.


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