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Banning Smoking to All Outside Areas of the Company Property

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Essay Preview: Banning Smoking to All Outside Areas of the Company Property

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Title of Presentation: Banning smoking to all outside areas of the company property.

Name of Presenter: Venessa Daniel

Description of Business Audience: The audience will be those in charge of making decisions on the rules and regulations that will be enforced by the company. They will be able to vote yes or no on a no smoking ban that will apply to all areas outside of the company's property.

Introduction: Hello everyone, have you ever walked outside and noticed a littering of cigarette butts, a smoke smell that just won't dissipate, and people congregating on "smoke breaks" polluting the air. Today I've asked you to be here so we can discuss the reasons for banning smoking on the companies outside properties. What are the benefits for the company enforcing this rule, and how can we go about enforcing it.

Thesis Statement: The reasons that smoking should be banned in outdoor areas of the company are: health reasons, involuntary exposure, and liability of injury falls on the company.

I Reasons for banning smoking in certain public areas.

A) Scientific studies

1) Shown concentration of second hand tobacco smoke in many outdoor areas are higher than some indoor areas.

2) Toxic air pollutant.

3) Exposed to involuntary individuals.

B) Drifting tobacco smoke

1) Can trigger asthmatic attacks.

2) Bronchial infections.

3) Other serious health problems in non-smokers.

C) Breathing drifting tobacco smoke can be deadly.

1) Breathing second hand smoke for 30 minutes can increase risk for heart attack.

2) People with family background of heart problems are at an even higher risk.

II Liability of the company for injury suffered from drifting smoke.

A) Banning smoking in outdoor areas.

1) If there is no reasonable measures taken in order to ban smoking a public area the company could be held liable.

2) Because smoking is a known health danger.

B) Second hand smoke is classified as a "known human carcinogen".

1) Also classified in this category is asbestos.

2) We go to great measures to ensure asbestos is cleaned in order to prevent human's breathing it.

III Aside from health hazards other reasons to ban outside smoking.



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